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Did u hear my whisper?
Said how I felt about you
Breathe in and out you
But they doubt I think about you.

I felt you shiver,
When we climbed out the window.
Like a black widow,
Mother told me not to go.

Ah, ah,
Can't stop the match and gasoline.
Ah, ah,
We are the refugees.

Oh our love was so overwhelming it,
Took the neighbors I was the son that took the daughter.
Oh our joy it infected everyone
Ran like fire and took the children all children.

And as we came down
The blades of grass were bending
Under our bare feet,
Walking on to love and aging.

Ah, ah,
Things are exactly how they seem.
Ah, ah
We are the refugees.

We ran for years there
Out shuffling in the darkness.
You were the compass
I was all the light that saved us.

Post chorus:
We Can

Years under feet
0, 2, 3
You and then and me


released March 8, 2012
Written by The New Limb
Produced by Nolan and Ryan



all rights reserved


The New Limb Los Angeles, California

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